Brighton and Hove volunteer search is a free service provided by Community Base that puts people looking for volunteer opportunities in touch with community and voluntary groups with volunteer opportunities in Brighton and Hove. We show these opportunities to people visiting our reception who are interested in volunteering and make them available online at

  • We don’t give advice about how best to work with volunteers, how to ensure the health and safety of your volunteers and so on. If you’re working with volunteers it’s important you know what you’re doing - you can get information and support about working with volunteers, including good practice and development of volunteering opportunities from the Volunteer Centre, Email or call 01273 34860. The Volunteer Centre is a service of Community Works, 113 Queen’s Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG.  You can also contact Volunteering England at
  • There are other organisations including the Volunteer Centre Brighton and Hove and groups working specifically with young volunteers and students that you can tell about your volunteer opportunities. You can find a list of these organisations at
  • We only list volunteer opportunities in Brighton and Hove so if you want to promote an opportunity that is based outside Brighton and Hove you should contact another organisation
  • We don’t screen potential volunteers and take no responsibility for the suitability or otherwise of potential volunteers contacting you through Brighton and Hove volunteer search
  • You should fill in a different form for each type of volunteer opportunity you are offering
  • If you stop looking for volunteers, no longer want to be listed on Brighton and Hove volunteer search, or the type of volunteer you’re looking for changes or you need to change your contact details please let us know by emailing or phoning us on (01273) 234000 so we can delete or amend the information you’ve given us
  • Once you’ve sent us your details we’ll use the information you give us to list your volunteer opportunity on Brighton and Hove volunteer search. We may edit the information you give us for clarity and brevity. We reserve the right to not list or withdraw a listing of any volunteer opportunity at any time.
  • Once you have read and accepted the above fill in the form on the next page. You are advised to use a plain text editor in the first instance and then copy and paste the information into the appropriate field once you are satisfied it is correct. We recommend a simple editor such as Notepad or Wordpad and you should definitely avoid "Microsoft Word" since it can introduce many strange characters.
  • Once we receive your details we will publish your posting. It will be displayed on Brighton and Hove volunteer search until the date you selected. A short time before this you will receive reminder emails so that you may, if you wish, continue to display the post.
  • If you do nothing your post will expire on the date you selected and will no longer be displayed.
  • It is important that you inform us of any changes in your contact details.
Please Note
  • When selecting 'Who does the opportunity involve volunteering with' please consider very carefully which boxes you should tick. It should be taken as read that volunteering can often benefit the volunteer in many ways and your group should naturally be fully inclusive unless you have good reason. Please do not tick too many boxes.
  • We reserve the right to edit your entry to correct spelling mistakes, enforce a "site style" or change anything that may result in inaccurate search results reducing the effectiveness of the service.


You can contact Community Base reception on (01273) 234000 or by email at

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